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It is the policy of CMHA-CEI to provide reasonable accommodation for otherwise qualified employees with disabilities and applicants for employment. Applicants who require reasonable accommodation to complete the application and/or interview process should notify the Human Resources Department. It is the policy of CMHA-CEI to provide equal access to employment ot all qualified individuals.

**Michigan law requires that a person with a disability requiring accommodation to perform the essential duties of the job must notify CMHA in writing within 182 calendar days after the date that the need is know or should have been known; Federal law has no such requirement.**

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View Open Jobs (By Job Category)
Adult Staff Psychiatrist 18-129
Child Staff Psychiatrist 18-046
Client Service Specialist 18-163
Client Services Specialist 18-133
Client Services Specialist 18-134
Client Services Specialist AMHS 18-168
Coordinator 2A 18-160
Coordinator 2A AMHS 18-165
Dev. Disabilities Clinician 18-162
Develop. Disabilities Specialist 18-144
Develop. Disabilities Specialist 18-145
Mental Health Therapist 18-069
Mental Health Therapist 18-159
Mental Health Therapist FF 18-154
Mental Health Therapist FF 18-155
Mental Health Therapist FF 18-166
Mental Health Therapist SAS 18-149
Prevention Specialist 18-158
Registered Nurse SAS 18-164
Relief Client Services Specialist AMHS 18-009
Relief Client Services Specialist SAS 18-013
Relief Community Support Tech 18-005
Relief Community Support Technician CSDD 18-004
Relief Licensed Practical Nurse 18-100
Relief Mental Health Therapist 18-006
Relief Mental Health Therapist FF 18-023
Relief Mental Health Therapist SAS 18-014
Relief Mental Health Worker AMHS 18-010
Relief Registered Nurse SAS 18-017
Relief Residential Technician AMHS 18-001
Relief Residential Technician CSDD 18-002
Relief Security Officer 18-116
Relief Van Driver AMHS 18-020
Residential Manager 18-151
Residential Technician 18-150
Residential Technician 18-152
Residential Technician 18-161
Residential Technician CSDD 18-042
Residential Technician CSDD 18-092
Residential Technician CSDD 18-093
Secretary FF 18-167
Utilization Specialist 18-153